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Securing Nation's Nuclear Transparency

NSSC Brings Peace to the World. NSSC will bring a peaceful future by enhancing a nuclear security system that ensures security of nuclear materials and facilities from attacks and attempts to illicit use of radioactive materials, and by actively advocating the nuclear non-proliferation efforts of the international community.

Non-proliferation efforts

Since its inception in 2011, the NSSC has been putting its utmost effort to secure the nation's nuclear transparency.

To this end, the NSSC introduced two major initiatives, the Nuclear Export Control System and the National Accountancy Verification: the former is based on the Nuclear Safety Act and the Foreign Trade Act while the latter finds its legal framework in the Korea-IAEA Safeguards Agreement and its Additional Protocol.


It is incumbent on the NSSC to verify nuclear material accountancy on nuclear power plants, fuel facilities, research institutes, and industries and monitors their inventory changes of nuclear materials. The NSSC regularly reports the inventory change records of nuclear materials to the IAEA and supports its on-site inspection activities.


Nuclear Export Control

The NSSC classifies items including technology according to the Nuclear Suppliers Group[NSG] guideline and issues an export license only when they completely conform to the guideline and peaceful purpos is guaranteed.

The NSSC operates an on-line management system that covers the entire administrative procedures vis-a-vis nuclear export control for the convenience of users and provides useful information.