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International Cooperation

International Cooperation

Cooperation with International Organizations

As part of an effort to strengthen cooperative partnership with international organizations such as the IAEA, the OECD/NEA, etc., the NSSC has actively participated in a variety of international conferences, experts' meetings and working groups.
Therefore, the NSSC has significantly contributed to the advancing of nuclear safety standards and enhancing regulatory capabilities in the global community.

Regional Cooperation

Nuclear safety is of great significance to the Northeast Asia where nuclear power plants are densely located.
Against this backdrop, the nuclear safety regulatory authorities from Korea, China and Japan established Top Regulators' Meeting (TRM), a trilateral cooperative body, in 2008. The three countries hold annual meeting by rotation, exchange information on nuclear safety, and discuss issues with common interest.

For more practical and cooperative activities, the TRM formed three working groups, which are aimed at facilitating On-line Information Sharing (OIS), Human Resource Development (HRD) and Emergency Preparedness & Response (EPR), and annually holds joint emergency drill by turns to improve emergency response capabilities in the region.

Bilateral Cooperation

Bilateral cooperation for nuclear safety regulation, technology and policies has been strengthened especially in the fields of decommissioning and radioactive waste disposal with the American and European countries by holding more regular meetings and expanding exchange programs. In particular, the NSSC facilitates bilateral cooperation with the United States and Canada on nuclear safety technology, regulatory standards and joint research by holding annual steering committee meetings.

Country Regulatory Authorities Country Regulatory Authorities
United Arab Emirates (UAE) FANR China NNSA
Canada CNSC Saudi Arabia (KSA) K.A.CARE
Finland STUK Russia RTN
United States (USA) NRC Thailand OAP
French ASN United Kingdom (UK) ONR
Sweden SSM Czech Republic SUJB
Germany BMUV Poland PAA
Jordan EMRC Turkiye NDK
Vietnam VARANS

Cooperation with Embarking Countries

The NSSC is actively helping the countries embarking on nuclear power development and potential nuclear energy users in regions such as Southeast Asia, the Middle East, and Africa, and is providing systematic support to aid the establishment of their national regulatory infrastructure through training, knowledge transfer and etc.