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Strengthening Nuclear Security System

NSSC Brings Peace to the World. NSSC will bring a peaceful future by enhancing a nuclear security system that ensures security of nuclear materials and facilities from attacks and attempts to illicit use of radioactive materials, and by actively advocating the nuclear non-proliferation efforts of the international community.

Establishment of the National Physical Protection System

NSSC has been actively supporting the efforts of the international community to stengthen the physical protection.

The Korean government signed the Convention on the Physical Protection of Nuclear Material and Nuclear Facilities, the international Convention the Suppression of Acts of Nuclear Terrorism in 2005.

Based on Act on Physical Protection and Radiological Emergency. NSSC assesses threats and determines the Design Basis Threat to prevent internal and external threats and minimize damages. Nuclear operators are asked to build the physical protection system that tits the characteristics of their own facilities and meets the determined Design Basis Threats. NSSC inspects the facilities to check whether they compty with the requirement.

Taking a Leading Role in International Community of Nuclear Security

NSSC cooperates with international community in maintaining an effective physical protection system and preventing crimes during the interstate transport of nuclear materials. We exchange information to develoop advanced technologies with the international organizations.

The Nuclear Security Summit, held in Seoul in Mar 2012, boosts our roles in leading the efforts to strengthen the global nuclear security regime. NSSC will further contribute to consolidating nuclear non-proliferation and nurturing experts by opening the International Nuclear Security Academy to the international community in 2014.