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How the Korean Government is promoting proactive governance

How the Korean Government is promoting proactive governance
  • Strengthen the role of agency heads to promote proactive governance culture across the organization
  • Adopt legal and policy instruments to enforce proactive governance in the government
  • Mandate agencies to establish implementation strategy to achieve proactive governance
Policy tools for supporting public officials to engage in proactive governance
  • Public officials will not be held liable for negative consequences if she/he was faithfully and proactively carrying out his/her duty in the public’s best interest.
  • In the absence of relevant policies, regulations or best practices, a public official may be hesitant to pursue proactive governance.
  • Public officials can seek relevant audit authorities for consultation on guidelines to handle such cases.
Public officials demonstrating proactive governance in public service will be recognized and awarded
  • proactive governance best practice contest: winners will be rewarded through various schemes (i.e. special promotion, extra vacation days, performance pay, accelerated promotion, job transfers to desired departments, and special training and education opportunities).

Public officials will be subject to disciplinary actions for ‘reactive’ governance. Complaints can be filed at

Citizens (residents) and groups/associations can nominate public officials/policy for proactive governance (see How to nominate for details). Nominations will be considered in recognizing and rewarding public officials for outstanding proactive governance.