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Chairperson Yoo Guk-hee

Greetings from Chairperson

Welcome to the NSSC website.
I am Yoo Gukhee, Chairperson of the Nuclear Safety and Security Commission.

The Nuclear Safety and Security Commission has a responsibility for public safety and protects the public against any radioactive hazards resulting from the use of nuclear power.
To make the public feel safe and relieved, all NSSC staff employees, including myself, are making our utmost effort.

I promise you that the NSSC will continue to do our best to become a reliable nuclear regulator based on scientific objectivity and with open-to-public safety regulations.

The NSSC website is open to anyone, and we will communicate with you at any time.
We will listen with an open mind, whether it is a policy proposal or a harsh comment to reprimand us. We will always be with you.

Thank you.

Chairperson YOO Gukhee