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About NSSC


NSSC writes a new history in “managing nuclear safety and security” in Korea.

  • 2013Reorganized under Prime Minister
  • 2012The Second Nuclear Security Summit, seoul
  • 2011Establishment of NSSC
  • 2009Export of a Research Reactor to Jordan Export APR- 1400 to UAE
  • 2006Establishment of Korea Institute of Nuclear Non-proliferation and Control
  • 2003Act on Physical Protection and Radiological Emergency
1950’s - 1990’s
  • 1998Commercial Operation of the First Korean Standard Nuclear Power Plant (KSNP,Uljin-3)
  • 1995Operation of a Research Reactor(Hanaro)
  • 1990Establishment of Korea Institute of Nuclear Safety
  • 1978Commercial Operation of Kori-1 the First Nuclear Power Plant
  • 1962Operation of the First Research Reactor (TRIGA MARK II)
  • 1959Establishment of the First Government Agency- Atomic Energy Administration
  • 1958Enactment of the Atomic Energy Act