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Title the Results of NSSC Inspection on Radiation Examination Stations in Songjeong-dong, Busan
Writer 관리자     Hit 1928


- the Commission sees no harmful effects on non-radiation workers -
- And issues a due administrative order to the station -
The Nuclear Safety and Security Commission dispatched an inspection team to 14 radiography examination stations in Songjeong-dong, Busan, the Korea's second largest city, after the media reported the abnormal level of radiation in the area had been detected. The inspection was conducted from Dec.30, 2011 to Jan.4,2012.
The inspection team found that radiation had leaked into the roads near the site through the crack between the edges of the concrete shielding walls and issued an order to stop the operation of the stations.

 The highest dose rate, at the moment of radiation leak when radiography examination was in progress, was measured at 11mSv/h, which is translated into an annual dose rate less than 0.1 mSv assuming that a non-radiation worker stayed 1 hour a day for 365 days, standing on the same spot. The measured rate was less than 10% of the annual dose limit, 1mSv, for non-radiation workers, leading to a conclusion that the leak could not have compromised safety.
The team reported that the dose rates for non-radation workers measured in other 13 stations were much lower than the annual dose limit, the dose rate measured in the station.

※Epidemiologic investigation or medical check-ups for residents in the area are therefore deemed unnecessary.
NSSC will issue an administrative order concerning a violation of radiation safety requirements at the station according to radiation-control-related laws.
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