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Roles & Function

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Radiation Emergency Bureau

Radiation Safety Division

  1. 1. establishment/adjustment of basic policies on radiation and safe management of radioactive waste
  2. 2. approval/supervision/safety regulation of production and use of radioactive materials, radioactive isotopes and radiation generating devices.
  3. 3. registration/safety regulation of agents managing and using radioactive isotopes, and dosimetry service providers
  4. 4. establishment and adjustment of measures to prevent occupational exposure and disability of radiation workers/ training and medical check-up programs for the workers
  5. 5. safety regulation of transport/storage/treatment/disposal of radioactive materials
  6. 6. management of licenses for handlers and supervisors of radioactive isotope and materials, and special license for hadlers of radioactive isotope
  7. 7. safety regulations following a shutdown or deconstruction of reactors, nuclear fuel cycle facilities, and nuclear facilities
  8. 8. affairs related to the implementation of the Joint Convention Safety of Spent Fuel Management and on the Safety of Radioactive Waste Management
  9. 9. approval/permission/supervision of construction and operation of radioactive waste storage/treatment/disposal facilities and safety regulation on radioactive waste
  10. 10. safety management of transport/storage/treatment/disposal of radioactive waste
  11. 11. supervision of resident officers at resident officers in radioactive waste managing facilities
  12. 12. establishment/operation of surveillance systems for transport of nuclear materials between countries
  13. 13. establishment/implementation of safety measures to prevent environmental radiation
  14. 14. establishment/implementation of comprehensive plans on environmental radiation and its implementation plans
  15. 15. launch of R&D projects on environmental radiation
  16. 16. establishment/implementation of safety guidelines on environmental radiation
  17. 17. management of registration of source material or byproduct handlers, and report of changes
  18. 18. management of report of treatment/disposal of byproducts, and recycling
  19. 19. management of distribution of processed products and actions against poor products
  20. 20. protection of source material handlers
  21. 21. management of radiation monitoring systems in airports, ports, and scrap metal recycling facilities
  22. 22. development/management of environmental radiation safety education programs
  23. 23. fact finding survey/analysis on safety management of environmental radiation
  24. 24. designation/operation of institutions specialized in environmental radiation
  25. 25. Other safety issues that do not belong to other divisions of the Radiation Emergency Bureau

Resident Officer at Nuclear Waste Management Facilities

  1. 1. monitoring/report on the progress of construction and operation of radioactive waste managing facilities
  2. 2. inspection/report of accidents, incidents and abnormal plant operation situations
  3. 3. checking safety management practices of radioactive waste managing facilities and delivering corrective actions

Nuclear Emergency Division

  1. 1. establishment/integration/adjustment of national and regional nuclear prevention plans
  2. 2. comprehensive management of nuclear emergency
  3. 3. education/training on nuclear emergency prevention and assessment
  4. 4. establishment of national radiation emergency medical systems, designation/ management of radiation emergency hospitals
  5. 5. evaluation on nuclear emergency plans of nuclear facilities/ inspection on nuclear emergency response abilities.
  6. 6. maintenance and management of emergency response organizations such as the central nuclear emergency prevention center
  7. 7. organization of an investigation committee/ investigation on nuclear emergency
  8. 8. supervision of officers in charge of emergency management at on-site radiological emergency control centers
  9. 9. establishment of a compensation system for nuclear damage, and affairs related to compensation/negotiation/agreement
  10. 10. establishment of policies on physical protection of nuclear materials and facilities and physical protection systems
  11. 11. organization and operation of the physical protection council of nuclear facilities
  12. 12. inspection and examination on physical protection of nuclear materials and facilities and professional training
  13. 13. establishment and implementation of plans to prevent and respond to nuclear terrorism
  14. 14. establishment and implementation of plans to build a national nuclear security system
  15. 15. affairs related to implementation of international conventions on physical protection and emergency management
  16. 16. environmental impact assessment on the areas near nuclear facilities and environmental radioactivity monitoring and assessment across the whole country

officer at on-site radiological emergency control centers

  1. 1. emergency control and operation of the emergency response system
  2. 2. operation/management of Off-site Emergency Management Center

Safeguards & Export Control Division

  1. 1. establishment and implementation of policies regarding the nuclear non-proliferation regime
  2. 2. establishment and implementation of national nuclear energy control plans/ implementation of laws and regulations
  3. 3. establishment and implementation of safeguards policies with the IAEA and between other countries
  4. 4. professional training for nurturing nuclear safeguards experts
  5. 5. collection of and response to safeguards information and technology development
  6. 6. control of import/export of nuclear materials and technology
  7. 7. management/support of Korea Institute of Nuclear Nonproliferation and Control
  8. 8. collecting/analysis/R&D of technology information of internationally regulated materials
  9. 9. measurement and control of nuclear materials
  10. 10. education programs on nuclear control
  11. 11. affairs related to implementation of agreements and conventions on nulcear non-proliferation and safeguards
  12. 12. detection and analysis of nuclear activities of neighboring countries
  13. 13. affairs related to nuclear control between South Korea and North Korea