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Roles & Functions

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Nuclear Regulatory Bureau

Nuclear Safety Policy Division

  1. 1. affairs related to setting the aims and directions of national nuclear safety policies
  2. 2. establishment of comprehensive nuclear safety plans, their implementation plans for each area, and annual project implementation plans
  3. 3. comprehensive management and adjustment of affairs related to nuclear safety
  4. 4. improvement/revision of laws and policies related to nuclear safety
  5. 5. affairs regarding fact finding survey on nuclear safety
  6. 6. investigation/analysis/planning/promotion of R&D projects on nuclear safety
  7. 7. affairs related to professional training and nurturing experts in the field of nuclear safety
  8. 8. awareness raising of nuclear safety
  9. 9. supporting Korea Institute of Nuclear Safety
  10. 10. organization of meetings of the Nuclear Safety Committee, formation/management of special committees of NSSC
  11. 11. Other safety issues that do not belong to other divisions of the Nuclear Safety Policy Bureau

Nuclear Safety Division

  1. 1. establishment/revision of basic policies on safe management of nuclear reactors and nuclear fuel cycle facilities
  2. 2. approval/permission of a nuclear reactor and facility
  3. 3. standard design approval for a nuclear reactor
  4. 4. supervision of resident officers in nuclear power plants
  5. 5. inspection of construction/operation/safety management/quality assurance of reactors and nuclear facilities, and follow-up measures
  6. 6. affairs related to nuclear fuel cycle safety evaluation of nuclear power plants and facilities
  7. 7. affairs related to continued operation of reactors and nuclear facilities
  8. 8. investigation/rating of incidents and accidents of nuclear reactors and nuclear fuel cycle facilities, and follow-up measures
  9. 9. review/approval of reports on specific technology
  10. 10. administration of licenses for nuclear reactor operators and their supervisors
  11. 11. implementation of international agreements on nuclear safety

Safety Standard Division

  1. 1. construction approval standards for nuclear reactors and facilities
  2. 2. operation approval standards for nuclear reactors and facilities
  3. 3. approval of nuclear fuel cycle business and its standards
  4. 4. approval of and report standards for the use of nuclear fuel materials
  5. 5. approval standards for the use of radioactive isotopes and radiation generating devices
  6. 6. approval standards for radioactive waste storage/treatment/disposal facilities and related facilities
  7. 7. technology standards for packing and transport of radioactive materials
  8. 8. registration standards for dosimetry service providers and agents of certified radioactive isotope users
  9. 9. approval standards for nuclear facilities being developed
  10. 10. participation in establishing international nuclear safety standards and implementation of the standards
  11. 11. establishment and management of nuclear safety standards

Resident Officer at Nuclear Power Plants

  1. 1. monitoring/report on the progress of construction and operation of nuclear power plants
  2. 2. attending inspection on nuclear reactors and facilities
  3. 3. checking safety management practices of nuclear power plants and delivering corrective actions