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Introduction of NSSC

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Building nuclear safety systems that the people and the world trust


To protect people and the environment and to contribute to the peace of mankind,

  • - We secure the highest level of nuclear safety.
  • - We protect nuclear facilities from both internal and external threats, such as terrorism.
  • - We strengthen emergency system for any nuclear emergency or accidents.
  • - We comply with international standards for the peaceful use of nuclear energy

Core values

All the members of NSSC shares the following core values of a safety regulatory agency

  • - Technical Excellence : accumulate expertise and experiences that the people can build trust on
  • - Independence : progress vigorously with works only for the nation and people
  • - Transparency : leave no doubts throughout the safety regulatory process
  • - Impartiality : stand with impartiality and objectiveness
  • - Reliability : comply with principles and maintain clarity and consistency

Based on the core values, the principles are applied to the works of NSSC

  • - Service for the people is our top priority
  • - Mutual respect based on trust
  • - Effective management to improve performance
  • - International collaboration that lives up to the national status
  • - Active communication with the people and disclosure of information

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