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Chairman & Commissioners

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NSSC will bring nuclear safety that the people and the world trust.
I would like to extend my heartfelt welcome for visiting our website.

chairman & chief Regulatory officer Un chul LEE

NSSC values safety the most and takes a full preemptive safety management to prevent even a small accident.

Confidence cannot be built in a day. It accumulates little by little on the groundwork of heart-to-heart communication. NSSC discloses nuclear safety information to build such confidence, and listens to voices of the people to communicate with them. And ultimately, it strives to realize a safe society where people can live without any harms or threats.

To this end, I would like to ask for your continued attention and support.

In return, NSSC will put its utmost efforts in building a comfortable and happy life.

Thank you.

chief Regulatory officer Un Chul LEE원자력안전위원회 위원장  이 은 철