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Emergency Preparedness

National Radiological Emergency Preparedness Regime

  • NSSC overseas all affairs related to radiological emergency preparedness and response according to Act on Physical
    Protection and Radiological Emergency.
  • The national emergency preparedness consists of: the Central Radiological Emergency Response Headquarters, a main center
    operated by NSSC; the Off-site Radiological Emergency Management Center; the Regional Radiological Response Headquarters
    led by Regional governments,
  • Korea Institute of Nuclear Safety establishes Radiological Emergency Technical Advisory Center to provide technical support,
    and Korea Institute of Radiological and Medical Sciences also establishes the Radiological Emergency Medical Support Center
    to provide medical aids.
  • NSSC conducts emergency drills at different levels: national and regional levels. It develops and implements new types of
    scenarios that include the complicated and simultaneous occurrence of accidents at multiple reactors to enhance abilities to
    cope with extreme conditions.
  • NSSC is expanding its infrastructure to manage radiological emergency by increasing the number of unmanned environmental
    radiation monitoring posts, regional radiation monitoring stations, and radiological emergency medical center.